• "I am able to maintain relationships with all my U.S customers with Jewel Mate's marketing tools, detailed customer information and records of sales within the software."
    Pash, Artistic Jewelry

Additional Features

  • Manage system access by establishing group and user rights
  • Print catalogs directly from the Jewel Mate system
  • Ability to interface with e-commerce websites. Please contact Logic Mate for more information on our custom website design services
  • Optional Quickbooks interface for exporting A/R transactions
  • Accounting module with bank reconciliation, general ledger, chart of accounts, journal entries, balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, and many other features
  • Opening and closing registers, employee punch clock
  • Issue items on memo, convert memo to invoice for all or selected items, and reverse memos for returned items
  • Integrates with online credit card processing

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