• "I am able to maintain relationships with all my U.S customers with Jewel Mate's marketing tools, detailed customer information and records of sales within the software."
    Pash, Artistic Jewelry

Inventory Control

  • Complete inventory management with imaging and bar coding
  • Control inventory for Finished Items, Watches, Metals, Diamonds, Pearls, and Loose Stones
  • Utilize the Style Master to set original master style components and information
  • Access complete activity and transaction history for items
  • Categorize inventory by description, style codes, type, class, product line, price group, location, etc.
  • Designate multiple price code levels for inventory items to assign customers to purchase items at different prices
  • Physical inventory capabilities with variance reports
  • Record inventory component details with labor and costs to automatically calculate pricing for finished items
  • Update global pricing for items based on specific metals and components
  • Automatically adjust inventory through vendor purchases and customer transactions
  • Internet options for website or e-commerce integration
  • Extensive list of inventory reports with specific filter criteria
  • Designate item re-order levels and quantities
  • View items with quantities with costs using the Inventory Reorder with Picture and issue purchase orders to vendors for selected items
  • Easily locate and view items using the Inventory Picture Search
  • Process and track job envelopes in manufacturing or with contractors


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