• "I am able to maintain relationships with all my U.S customers with Jewel Mate's marketing tools, detailed customer information and records of sales within the software."
    Pash, Artistic Jewelry

Company Overview

Jewel Mate for retailers, wholesalers, diamond dealers and manufacturers is jewelry software perfected! Powerful software solutions perfected over 20 years and a team of technology experts ready to help your business organize and improve with proven, diverse and easy to navigate technology solutions.

Logic Mate has been serving the jewelry industry for the past 21 years. With more than 2,000 single & network Jewelry Software installations worldwide since 1989, our staff continues to provide a wide variety of support to our customers.

Besides the exceptional support provided to our Jewel Mate for Windows customers, Logic Mate also provides Custom Programming, Networking, Web Design and Hosting, PC sales, one to one consultation and support. Onsite training, setup and installation can also be provided if requested by our customers.

Logic Mate also provides jewelers with the latest equipment for imaging; catalog printing, bar code tagging with hand held scanners, bar code printing and data collection units.

Logic Mate is your one stop jewelry software.

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