• "I am able to maintain relationships with all my U.S customers with Jewel Mate's marketing tools, detailed customer information and records of sales within the software."
    Pash, Artistic Jewelry

Logic Mate understands the limitations of time and recourses in a business. Jewelmate offers innovative tools to help you boost your sales and empower your marketing decisions.

Key features and benefits:

- Daily Tasks-Never miss an opportunity to make a sale using our unique task management system. Receive notifications for customer birthdays, anniversaries, jewelry cleaning, checking appointments and more.

- Wish Lists-Boost sales by keeping track of customer wish lists. Give your customers exactly what they wished for by tracking customer wish lists on our powerful customer management system.

- Customer Relationship Management-Improve your marketing with detailed information about your customers, and detailed records of important customer interactions. This tool facilitates customer information management while keeping it easy for you to attach a list for a mailing campaign.

- Mass E-mail- Jewel Mate’s built in e-mailing capabilities allow you to create professional e-mails with text, advertisements, and photos, directly in the e-mail body.

- Order and Campaign Management-Keep track of your orders and campaigns via your pending order menu. Set up your marketing communications for the chosen period - all to be sent at relevant dates to make your mailers highly effective and timely.

- Sprout loud (formerly known as Target Mailers) -Automate all your direct mail for customers’ birthdays and anniversaries and select the exact number of days before the event you want your postcard mailed. Create mailers using lists generated from the Jewel Mate’s saved customer information. Sprout loud is ideal for customer birthdays and anniversaries, thanking customers for referrals, new product announcements, communicating with new services, holiday campaigns, thank you cards and so on.

- Create one-of-a-kind direct mail campaigns in minutes.
- View and approve proofs of the template you customize immediately online.
- Use pre-designed campaigns or ones designed for you.
- No minimum print quantities
- Personalized maps from your prospects house, right to their store.
- Track results through a gift certificate. 

Visit http://www.sproutloud.com/ for tools to stay in constant contact with your existing customers while reaching out to new prospects.

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