Mark Michaels, Michael’s Jewelers

“We can now go to any customer and look at the history of what they bought, when they bought it, and integrate that into our customer selling systems. Since we now have a live network, we know instantly when an item has been sold and merchandise is reordered at the push of a button.”

Allen Mon, Carat N Karat

“Jewel Mate has helped us maintain 100% of our inventory control level. By using Jewel Mate’s Inventory, Point of Sale and Accounts Payable features, everything has become much more manageable. I definitely recommend Jewel Mate to other jewelers. It is truly a user friendly and professional program, and the services provided by Logic Mate are exceptional!”

Ari Mahller, West Coast Jewelry

“Jewel Mate is a complete fulfillment system, allowing us to easily import daily orders, automate purchase order creation with 2 clicks, and allows us to research any issues through “paper trail” to know exactly who is responsible for each business unit. Jewel Mate has greatly helped us establish accountability in our company. Jewel Mate is the best software developed from the ground up, working closely with jewelry wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. Logic Mate stands alone in terms of embracing new technology and self-improvement. I ask my staff, if orders were to double or triple in the future, could you handle it? The answer with Jewel Mate is undoubtedly yes!”

Susan Sandberg, Sandberg Jewelers

“I was impressed with Logic Mate during my point-of-sale software search 9 years ago. Logic Mate is still amazing me today. As an owner I am able to get an up to date snapshot of how my staff is keeping up with client contacts. Tracking inventory, open to buy, reordering and updating products on my website is a breeze with the many features in the Jewels system. The ease of use is great for all my staff and the support team is the best I have ever encountered. Logic Mate keeps my store on top of technology, helping me to run my business.”

Ronald Miller, Meyerland Jewelers

“After reviewing about 7 different software companies, I finally found Logic Mate who was able to help me solve problems, not create more. Jewel Mate has helped in keeping my inventory control straight. We have complete financial statements on the last day of every month, and the friendly technical support staff is always there to help us.”

Kal Jain, Gemsone Corporation

“Logic Mate has fulfilled all of our manufacturing processes and inventory requirements. All of our software expectations have been met. The amazing service and knowledgeable staff is a plus. We have complete control of our inventory! Finding inventory in stock is very useful, and reports of past customer transactions and best sellers are greatly beneficial. End of month memo balance reports, to resolve customer memos are most valuable.”

Shant Dakessian, Simone & Sons

“I was reluctant to change from our ancient ways of tracking inventory and invoicing customers. After signing up with Logic Mate and using Jewel Mate Retail, my only regret was not doing it sooner. The wish list feature alone is worth the investment. Their staff really knows the jewelry industry and they have designed software that seems to be tailored for us.”

Lonnie Marcus, Castle Rock Jewelers

“We highly recommend Jewel Mate because it is easy to use, has expansion features and start up is pretty quick and painless. In 2007, we chose Jewel Mate POS Software system after comparing 7 different vendors using an extensive checklist for comparing features and benefits. Jewel Mate has helped our business. Appraisals are a snap, repairs are now much easier to monitor, reports are very easy to run, and customers really like the clarity of repair slips, layaway slips and so on. We use and like features such as POS, inventory, repairs, appraisals, layaways, special orders, vendor records, reports, and e-mail broadcasts.”

Pash Daswani, Artistic Jewelry and Lucky Jewelers, Inc.

“I initially bought Jewel Mate Retail for Lucky Jewelers in St. Thomas. When I decided to open my second location, there was no doubt that I needed Jewel Mate to run my store! I am able to maintain relationships with all my U.S customers with Jewel Mate’s marketing tools, detailed customer information and records of sales within the software. Customers love the clarity of appraisals with a photo and complete detail description of the item, and vendor repairs have never been easier, using repair slips that are printable from the software.”

Stacy Sherman, Southwest Florida’s Diamond District

“We have been using the Jewel Mate 2000 Retail program since 2003. We virtually use every aspect of the system and are continually learning new things to benefit our business. We track customer information, study and analyze inventory patterns and use the accounting functions on a daily basis. The programming team at Logic Mate has thought of everything. The program is very user friendly and the support staff is always available to assist with questions. Jewels 2000 and hardware accessories made available by Logic Mate uses cutting edge technology specific to our industry.”

Charbel Hayek, Princess Jewelers

“The Jewel Mate software has improved so many aspects of our business, most notable is the way it efficiently helps us monitor and control our PANDORA inventory levels, manage physical inventory and purchase orders with ease. We can effectively monitor the progress of customer repairs and special orders ensuring timely service. The in-depth customer database allows us to meet their needs like never before. The ability to import excel spread sheets saves huge amounts of time. The software is so easy to use, the transition went almost unnoticed. The customer service is unsurpassed. I recommend Jewel Mate to all my friends in the industry and to you also.”