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As simple or complex as your business, JewelMate’s built-in features, fields and settings provide the flexibly to achieve your unique business goals.


Our Products embody the combined technical genius of our in-house analysts, programmers and the profound business experience of our top caliber retail and wholesale customers.


Developed on the robust  Microsoft SQL Database, the system is unique and super flexible. We outperform all of our competitors when it comes to crunching numbers, displaying large amounts of data records and creating insightful reports.


JewelMate places power at your fingertips! We enable you to create and customize almost all aspects of your business.  From creating custom receipts, job envelopes, barcode tags and appraisals, and so much more.


Getting from point A to point B has never been easier.
JewelMate Enterprise has everything you need and a little more.

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  • “Jewel Mate has helped us maintain 100% of our inventory control level. By using Jewel Mate’s Inventory, Point of Sale and Accounts Payable features, everything has become much more manageable. I definitely recommend Jewel Mate to other jewelers. It is truly a user friendly and professional program, and the services provided by Logic Mate are exceptional!”
    Allen Mon, Carat N Karat
  • “We can now go to any customer and look at the history of what they bought, when they bought it, and integrate that into our customer selling systems. Since we now have a live network, we know instantly when an item has been sold and merchandise is reordered at the push of a button.”
    Mark Michaels, Michael's Jewelers
  • “Jewel Mate is a complete fulfillment system, allowing us to easily import daily orders, automate purchase order creation with 2 clicks, and allows us to research any issues through “paper trail” to know exactly who is responsible for each business unit. Jewel Mate has greatly helped us establish accountability in our company. Jewel Mate is the best software developed from the ground up, working closely with jewelry wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. Logic Mate stands alone in terms of embracing new technology and self-improvement. I ask my staff, if orders were to double or triple in the future, could you handle it? The answer with Jewel Mate is undoubtedly yes! ”
    Ari Mahller, West Coast Jewelry
  • “After reviewing about 7 different software companies, I finally found Logic Mate who was able to help me solve problems, not create more. Jewel Mate has helped in keeping my inventory control straight. We have complete financial statements on the last day of every month, and the friendly technical support staff is always there to help us.”
    Ronald Miller, Meyerland Jewelers

Every business is different.
We are ready to meet your unique business needs.

Website Design Services

• E-commerce and responsive websites • Custom web design • Wholesale and Retail websites • Diamond search • Unlimited inventory items and Stock control

Custom Development

With this fact in mind, our software has been programmed to flex around your needs and grow with your business. For further customization, our in house programmers can create and tailor the features of the program until you’re fully satisfied.

Network Services

• Logic Mate specializes in Windows Servers and Microsoft Terminal Services installation and upgrade. • We specialize in the setup of multiple location interface and Remote VPN Routers.

IT Consulting

Our expertise in Jewelry industry business automation will enable you to find the best solutions for your business. We provide the full cycle of assistance for design, implementation, setup and training of new computer systems for your business.

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