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Innovating the user-centric Jewelry industry, we add value, create solutions, and provide reliably.
As simple or complex as your business, JewelMate’s built-in features, fields, and settings provide the flexibly to achieve your unique business goals.
Exclusively serving the Jewelry Industry for over 30 years, our staff continues to provide a wide variety of exceptional services and support to customers. With more than 2,000 standalone & network Jewelry Software installations worldwide, Logic Mate is a name you can trust.

Our proprietary software, JewelMate Enterprise, embodies the combined technical genius of our in-house analysts, programmers and the profound business experience of our top caliber retail and wholesale customers.

Our software is developed on Microsoft SQL Database. This is the best and most robust SQL Platform available on the market. What makes the system unique is its superior technology of SQL LINQ. Not available in any other product, it outperforms all others when it comes to crunching numbers and displaying large amounts of data records.

Years of experience


Success Stories

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Logic Mate has the quality, experience, and reliability that you are looking for.

JewelMate places power at your fingertips! It’s a program that enables you to create and customize many aspects of your business from your own desktop. From creating custom receipts, job envelopes, barcode tags, and appraisals, the system has multiple options to make your life easy and efficient.

It can even create your own print catalogs with the images and information entered into your inventory. 

Another of JewelMate’s gems is its ability to generate custom reports and even create a schedule to automatically send it to yourself. This can be set-up on a regular basis, via email or even directly to a printer in your office!

Why Our Software?

  • Designed for Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing.
  • Jewelry Specific Software integrated with e-commerce.
  • Increase your bottom line with business analytical tools.
  • Investing in a new software program is a long term commitment. Make sure you pick the right partner.
  • Logic Mate is in it for the long haul.
  • We have been committed exclusively to the jewelry industry since 1989. We cater to Wholesale and Retail.
  • Single or multiple locations is our level of expertise.


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