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How is the Inventory Management arranged in JewelMate?
With JewelMate inventory management features, you can create multi-level categorizations and variations for your styles and items. JewelMate automates the supply levels and updates the inventory levels automatically as soon as any transactions impacting quantities are made.

Does JewelMate provide a Customer Relationship Management module?
JewelMate comes with an integrated CRM to fetch customer details like primary and secondary contacts, wish lists, birthdays and anniversaries, spouse information to provide discounts, offers or loyalty programs. JewelMate features also include the tracking of important dates to send reminders for purchases. JewelMate also integrates with websites and ensures comprehensive CRM coverage for your business.

Does JewelMate enable automation of Gift Certificates and Appraisal Tracking?
JewelMate provides multiple functions for gift certificate creation, modification, and sales. Also with JewelMate you can complete any appraisal and save it to your system. The system enables you to tag it for both: the customer and the individual piece. 

How does the pricing for Precious Metal & Stones work in JewelMate?
In the Jewelry world, the pricing of metals and stones can change rapidly and unexpectedly, which results in an immediate value of the entire inventory. JewelMate has a complete feature-set for the whole range of pricing tools, calculations, price changes, updates, and related comprehensive reporting.