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JewelMate Enterprise 
Wholesale Software

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Inventory Management
  • Track finished jewelry pieces, raw material, and loose stones
  • Setup labor codes and item templates
  • Physical inventory procedure with variance and comparison report
  • Physical inventory interfaces with laser scanners and portable unit
  • Inventory quantity adjustments can be made at any time
  • Setup cost method by piece weight or labor plus metal
  • Setup sales prices by customer, individual item or labor plus metal
  • Complete item sales and purchase history
  • Record stone memos from diamond dealers and many more.
Website Integration
  • Create and manage categories
  • Instantly upload selected items to the website
  • Manage user access to the entire website or various pages
  • Custom layout and design available
Accounts Receivable
  • Automatic reverse memo button for memo returns.
  • Detail items information on-screen while invoicing.
  • Print item pictures on sales orders, memos and invoices.
  • Print job envelops directly from customers' order transactions.
  • Open customer orders and memo balance reports.
  • Ability to void sales orders, invoices, memos and customer payments.
  • Backorder reports by customer, style code, vendor, etc.
  • Complete customer purchase history & profile.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly sales and profitability reports.
  • Commission split between salespersons.
  • Database for daily platinum, silver and gold markets.
  • Detail of customer payments and distribution.
Accounts Payable
  • Purchase order entry and tracking with backup reports.
  • Automatic update from items purchased.
  • Items purchased and back-order report by purchase date, vendor, style, etc.
  • Detailed vendor profiles linked with items purchased.
  • Distribute invoices into multiple G/L accounts.
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Customer Management Perfected
Everything you need to know about every client is just a click away.
Our innovative customer management system allows you to search for the customer using their company name, phone number, first or last name, account number and more.
While viewing the account, you can easily access order information, view their assigned sales rep, track phone conversations, referrals and much more.
Customizable Inventory Tags
Speed up your sales, case counts and item tracking by barcode tagging your inventory. JewelMate Enterprise Wholesale allows you to customize the appearance and information that appears on your tags.
Inventory Your Way
Using our innovative customizable fields, JewelMate Enterprise Wholesale allows you to decide how you will organize your inventory.
Using our world-class reporting system, you can then generate reports that bring you the information most important for your business.
Diamond Inventory Management
Detailed Information about every diamond in stock or on the memo is readily available from one screen.
JewelMate Enterprise Wholesale allows you to track each diamond from the vendor to finished piece to memo and beyond.
Diamond Search
Using JewelMate Enterprise Wholesale, you’ll be able to find every stone you own in seconds. Searching through your diamond inventory using key attributes and incremental search settings with the ability to filter and sort data will find the exact diamond your customer requested in just a couple of clicks.
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